The history of Stratusfaction at Survivor Series

Brian Lusczki     November 21, 2013


Trish Stratus and her boys (Test & Albert) took on the Holly cousins & Steve Blackman in a intergender 6-person tag team match. Unfortunately for Trish, her first Survivor Series appearance fell on the wrong side as she took the loss for her team after being pinned by Molly Holly.

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Photo: WWE


Entering the match as the underdog, Trish was relentless and she was rewarded for it by surprising the wrestling world and walking out champion!

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At this point, the matches between Trish Stratus and Victoria helped elevate women's wrestling to another level. Because a regular match couldn't contain their rivalry, a hardcore match was set between the two. Crazy Victoria got the better of Trish on this night and she was crowned the new Women's Champion.

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After months of verbal abuse, this Women's Championship match was a chance for Lita to finally get her hands on Trish Stratus. But winning the title was the last thing on the angered redhead's mind – her attack on Trish resulted in her being disqualified. Trish was left battered, bruised, and bloody!

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Trish Stratus entered the Motor City defending the women's gold against foe Melina. And, she would keep motoring on after taking out MNM (Mercury & Nitro) with a high cross body to the floor before the match begun. Once in the ring, Melina was no match for Trish who continued her reign as champion.

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