The history of Stratusfaction at New Year's Revolution

Brian Lusczki     January 4, 2013

As WWE Classics looks back at January's pay-per-view event from 2005-2007, we get a nostalgic look back at some textbook Stratusfaction delivered at New Year's Revolution!

Photo: WWE
Trish Stratus and Lita's rivalry was undoubtedly the most heated in 2004. It led to an epic main-event battle with Lita picking up the win to become WWE Women's Champion. Trish would finally get her revenge and took back the Women's title at New Year's Revolution, becoming a 6-time Champion. She would go on to have one of the longest title reigns in WWE history.

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Photo: WWE
The tension between Trish Stratus and Mickie James started to build when Mickie started to put her eye on the prize – Trish's championship title. James eventually earned herself a title match and Trish faced off against her 'biggest fan'. Perhaps she was too enamored by her idol or she just wasn't quite ready to step into the ring with the six-time Champion and Trish successfully retained.

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