Trish's top 20 moments     April 3, 2013

Just days before Trish enters the Hall of Fame, looks back at some Stratusfying moments from Trish's career.

20. A typical night at the Jersey Shore

19. Taking over the 'Highlight Reel' with the Trishitron 2000

18. I'm back to take care of 'bidness'

17. He sure did back that a$$ up!

16. Rocking the smooch

15. The worm! Too cool of a moment not to share!

14. Mud bath!

13. A kiss from a psycho

12. 1-time Hardcore Champion

11. Teaching some yoga moves to HHH

10. Learning some wrestling moves from HHH

9. From the Bad Girl Maid of Honor collection

8. No, those tables aren't 'pre-cut'!

7. Smells like I'm whooping your a$$

6. Honored

5. My kind of girl on girl action

4. Evil ex-girlfriend

3. Ultimate heel moment

2. I'm through with you!

1. My debut

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