Trish's top 10 SmackDown! moments     October 10, 2014

As SmackDown! celebrates its 15th anniversary, we take a look back at Trish's most memorable moments from WWE's blue show.

10. Trish gives Lita an extreme whipping

9. First-time Stratusfaction is delivered on SmackDown!

8. Defining "Lita" from the dictionary

Lita [Lee•ta]
1. One who shows disgusting tattoos on her body.
2. One who wears her pants way too low.
3. A low-class, cheap bimbo.

7. In-ring debut. The rest is history.

6. Chyna gets a glass shattering experience

5. W-O-R-M

4. Learning wrestling holds... really!

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3. Things heat up before WrestleMania X8

2. The Rock & Trish force Vince to join the 'kiss my ass club'

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1. Billion Dollar Prince-mess

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