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Disclaimer: Please consult a physician or health care provider before starting this or any exercise program.
Stratusphere Yoga DVD
Stratusphere Yoga DVD
Stratusphere Yoga is a hybrid workout that blends resistance training movements within a yoga flow to give you the best of both worlds.

Short on time? This 50 minute workout is broken down into five 10 minute sections that will give you a head to toe workout and fit easily into your schedule. All 5 routines target a different muscle group and provide a flow that will increase your heart rate and help you burn more calories.

  • Menu feature allows you to create your own workout. Use each section alone to target specific muscle groups, or all in a row to create a dynamic yoga flow.
  • Choose to workout with Trish and Team Stratusphere, or once your practice has advanced, choose the 'solo' option and workout one-on-one with Trish.
  • Amp up your workout with a pair of FitGloves, adding 1 lb of resistance to each hand.
  • Designed for all fitness levels.
  • Group workout: five 10 minute routines (approx 10 min each).
  • Solo workout: five 10 minute routines (approx 10 min each).
  • Set to music performed by Ananda, who created a unique soundtrack based on the movements of this workout.
Stratusphere Yoga is a hybrid workout that blends resistance training movements and yoga poses. Use the guide below to familiarize yourself with the poses you will find in this workout.

Disclaimer: Please consult a physician or health care provider before starting this or any exercise program.
Basic Sun Salute   Warrior I   Warrior II

Step-by-step Step-by-step Step-by-step
Chair Pose Pigeon Pose Crow Pose

Step-by-step Step-by-step . Step-by-step
Advanced Sun Salute Dancer Pose Bikram Triangle
Step-by-step Step-by-step Step-by-step
Extended Toe Hold Triangle Pose Extended Side Angle Pose
Step-by-step Step-by-step Step-by-step
Twisted Prayer    

Being a pro wrestler for 15 years takes a toll on your body and when I finally felt it catching up to me, I knew that my one time colleague Trish had turned to yoga to help heal her body. She kindly offered her knowledge through her DVDs to me and I'm so glad she did! Being able to do these workouts have been amazing to my body and mind since my life is nonstop on the road. Thanks Trish!!!

-Gail Kim, current TNA Knockout

24 years as a professional wrestler, 33 years lifting weights in the gym, and Trish Stratus and Stratusphere Yoga kicked my butt. A simple to follow, easy to target workout that combines the benefits of Yoga and strength training. The abs & core routine in particular is the best midsection workout I've ever done. A great workout, and the fit gloves are a must.

-Lance Storm, former WWE Superstar

I made the mistake of thinking that Trish's Stratusphere Yoga wouldn't be a challenge for a weightlifter like me and I was wrong! Not only did my flexibility increase, but Trish's program is a great cardio and calisthenics combination. Best of all guys, you get to watch Trish the entire time (don't tell my wife)!-

-Joey Styles, former ECW & WWE announcer

I saw what you wrote and you're in trouble, mister! Enjoy sleeping on the couch. I have tried lots of DVD workout programs and Stratusphere Yoga is one of my all-time favorites. I took Trish's 30 day challenge and saw a noticeable improvement both my strength and flexibility and I lost weight too!

-Janice Styles, fitness enthusiast

I have been wrestling for 5 years now and as dangerous and hard on the body as that is, it was a deadly motorcycle accident in 2010 that really knocked me down. The doctors said they do not know how I survived but the scariest thing I heard them say was "you'll probably never wrestle again". I had injured my groin and achilles heel, suffered a really bad concussion with burns and bruises everywhere but I pushed through and started wrestling 3 months after the accident. Everyday I was in pain, the aches never stopped. Before the accident I was very agile and flexible but because I injured my groin, that wasn't the case anymore. I started Stratusphere Yoga in September 2013 and it was difficult at first, but the more I pushed through the easier it became and the more my pain vanished. The results are truly incredible! I was able to take the Stratusphere Yoga DVD and hand weights with me on the road and do it in the comfort of my own room. Without being physically able to go to the gym all the time, I was able to stretch and stay lean. I can't thank Trish enough for genuinely caring about my health and fitness goals to want to share this amazing product with me. I am 100% stratusfied with Stratusphere Yoga because now, not only did I prove the doctors wrong but I am able to continue to chase my dreams!

-Thea Trinidad, former TNA Knockout

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A writer's challenge -- two weeks with Trish Stratus (and a yoga DVD)
By Caleb Smith
Trish Stratus always seems to be at the top of her game, whether that is the world of fitness modeling, being a championship wrestler or yoga mogul. Once again Stratus has scored a hit, this time with her DVD entitled Trish Stratus Stratusphere Yoga.

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