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Tough Enough
Aspiring professional wrestlers compete for a WWE contract and share a house while cameras chronicle their experiences in and out of the ring. Along the way, they learn from WWE trainers and wrestlers, deal with injuries and hope that they'll be among the few who advance to the final episode, when the contract is awarded.

Tough Enough
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Stratus travelled the world as the creator and host of this travel documentary series she co-produced for CTV. By participating in a local sport or adventure, Stratus explores the history and cultures of the cities she visits, such as Muay Thai in Thailand and paragliding in the Indian Himalayans. The series debuted on the travel+escape network in 2008 and continues to air on Discovery HD.

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The Second City's Next Comedy Legend
After starring in a sold-out sketch comedy show with the Second City comedy troupe, Stratus became an honorary member of the Second City theatre in Toronto. That made her the perfect fit as host of this series that went across Canada in search of the Second City's Next Comedy Legend. The series aired on CBC in 2007.

The Second City's Next Comedy Legend
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Armed & Famous
This series followed five celebrities as they train to become police officers for the Muncie Indiana police department. After being officially sworn in, the stars were assigned a veteran partner and took to the streets to fight crime. Stratus co-starred with Erik Estrada, Jack Osbourne, La Toya Jackson and Jason Acuna (a.k.a "Wee Man" on Jackass). The series aired on CBS in 2007.

Armed & Famous
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World Wrestling Entertainment
After making her television debut March 2000, Stratus went on to become one of the most successful women in professional wrestling. A record-setting seven time Women's Champion, Stratus embodied the rise of the 'WWE Diva' as a cultural phenomenon by combining both beauty and brawn and will be remembered as one of the greatest WWE's Women's Champions of all time. Whether she held the title or not, Stratus was one of WWE's elite Superstars.

Stratus retired from the world of Sports Entertainment in September 2006. She took her final bow at the Air Canada Centre in Toronto in front of 20,000 hometown fans and set a Guinness World Record for most wins by a female wrestling Champion.

Since her retirement, Stratus continues to make the occasional special guest appearance on Monday Night RAW.

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World Championship Wrestling
Stratus made several appearances on WCW's flagship program Monday Night Nitro in March 2001 after Vince McMahon shocked the wrestling world by purchasing his rival promotion from then owner Ted Turner.

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