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Visit South India
Arriving in Kochi, India Stratus learns the ancient martial art of kalarippayat where stick fighting progresses to brandishing metal swords.

Visit Vietnam
Located on the stunningly scenic West Lake in Hanoi, Vietnam Stratus embarks on her next athletic adventure. This time Stratus shows off her athletic prowess as she learns the traditional Vietnamese martial art called vo binh dinh.

Visit Bali
Stratus visits Bali, Indonesia – also known as the Island of the Gods – where she tackles an intimidating treetop ropes course before bungee jumping from a 45-metre high tower at Kuta beach.

Visit North India
Travelling from Delhi, Stratus journeys to the Indian state of Uttarakhand with an appetite for adventure and learns to paraglide high above this unique part of the Northern Himalayas.

Visit Java
In Indonesia Stratus visits the island of Java where she learns about the fighting art of Pencak Silat.

Visit Iceland
Once home to Iceland's first shipping company, Stratus settles in the city of Reykjavik where she challenges a local champion to a glima wrestling match – the ancient sport of the Vikings and the current national sport of Iceland.

Visit New Zealand
In Auckland, New Zealand Stratus learns to sail while aboard an America's Cup sailboat.

Visit Thailand
Put to the ultimate physical test, Stratus studies the most lethal form of martial arts, muay thai boxing in Thailand where she must learn this ancient technique quickly so that she can go five rounds in the ring with a highly experienced muay thai fighter.

Visit Norway
If they are good enough for Santa they're good enough for Stratus! In Oslo, Norway Stratus begins her arctic adventure in Alta, a town north of the Arctic Circle where she learns reindeer racing from the Indigenous Sami people.

Visit Fiji
Stratus visits the island of Fiji where she learns the traditional meke dance, watches a fire dancing performance, visits a traditional Fijian village, and builds a bilibili (traditional raft), on which she carefully floats down the Sigatoka River.




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