How Trish kicked labor's ass

With a natural 13 minute delivery, the question any expecting mother would like to know is how? Check out Trish's prenatal yoga routine that helped prepare her body for the big day!
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Toddler breakfast ideas

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day, and that is especially true for your young ones. Trish shares how to make breakfast time fun with these cute ideas.
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5 reasons why you'll love Stratusphere Sculpt

Here's 5 reasons why you'll love Stratusphere Sculpt, the third DVD in Trish Stratus' line of fitness DVDs.
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Trish shows how to fix 5 common yoga mistakes
Trish was asked how to fix 5 common mistakes made in yoga. She shows you these mistakes and how to fix them so you can improve your practice!
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Check out Trish's recipes for quick, easy meal and snack ideas.
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Check out these easy to follow yoga & workout routines.
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Traveling? Check out these travel tips & simple yoga poses that can be done in your hotel.
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Represent the brand and the woman behind it.
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You spoke, we listened, and today, Stratus Enterprises Inc. is pleased to announce a new collection of Stratusphere products will be unveiled this month in a variety of colors.

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Trish's signature workout, Stratusphere Yoga is set for a nationwide release in the big box stores in the coming weeks.

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If you're feeling it this morning after your big night out, slip out of bed, grab some hydration and try these 3 simple detox poses.

Stratusphere Yoga is a new way to approach yoga for both men and women, designed by record seven-time Women's Champion Trish Stratus.

Stratus Enterprises, Inc. announces today it has released a second phase of fitness products under the Stratusphere Living banner, the yoga fitness brand developed by Trish Stratus which launched to retailers across Canada in 2011.

Trish gets right down to business as Liquid Nutrition's newest team member and delivers a stratusfying recipe to be featured in Liquid Nutrition stores across Canada.

Liquid Nutrition Group Inc. announced today fitness icon, actress and entrepreneur Trish Stratus has joined Team Liquid.



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