She said what?! The best quotes from 'Heel Trish'     September 12, 2016

Everybody loves a bad girl. Trish has said one of the highlights of her career has been when she played the bad girl, or the 'heel' as it is referred to in the wrestling world. That sentiment is shared by many of her fans who were entertained by her trademark quirkiness, puns and sarcasm, especially by her second heel run in the latter half of her career. They really loved to hate her and in the wrestling world, that's a good thing!

We thought it would be fun to look back at some of Trish's best zingers #heelTrish

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There's clearly a typo because you're no champion sweetie.

I mean just cause your knee is messed up doesn't mean your uterus isn't open for business!

I even wore white cause I knew you couldn't Wink

All you have to do is open your heart just like you opened your legs.

Nobody is gonna steal my spotlight, ok? I don't care if you're Britney friggin Spears! Nobody is gonna steal my spotlight, O-K?

Hello? 911? I'd like to report a robbery; it seems Trish & Tomko just stole the show.

Really? I'm sorry. I didn't know Hugh Hefner was training people.

Honey, I'm a 3-time Babe of the Year. You're not even in my league.

Great job in diva dodgeball. Who was your coach? Stevie Wonder?

Reference to Montreal crowd: Ahem... Excuse me. It seems I have a frog in my throat.

In Jim Ross' voice: That jeezabell's problem solver just broke your table! My gawd! My gawd!

I'm sorry. I can't understand you. You must be speaking French.

While you were out making babies and getting fat, I was making history and winning championships.

You're a bunch of rednecks but you're still my fans.

And Carmella, maybe you can buy yourself... I don't know... a personality!

Honey, your Women's Champion is very busy so come on, chop chop, make it quick!

Oh don't hate me because I'm beautiful, people!

They're just like a regular married couple. He's already taking out the trash.

They're a bunch of U-S-A-holes.

You look marvellous, that's French for marvellous.

Nidia speaks to Trish in Spanish: I'm sorry, I don't speak German.

Thank you. Thank you. Hold your applause, please.

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