Trish's top Raw moments     July 19, 2012

WWE's flagship show Monday Night Raw will celebrate it's 1000th episode this coming Monday. During her almost 7-year run, Trish created many memorable moments and ranks 18th of most matches on Raw with a whopping 160 matches – the most of any female and more than some male Superstars on Monday Night Raw! Check out Trish's list of personal favorite matches and moments. Learn more about each one as she offers insight into each one of these Stratusfy-ing appearances!


5. Me/Carlito/John Cena vs. Lita/Edge/Randy Orton

Trish: This was another high-profile match, filled with some of the greatest Superstars in WWE history, but the best part was the strength of the story that brought us here. Lita and I were blazing along heading to a match that ultimately culminated with my retirement match. I loved the dynamic of all the different characters in this match. Plus, I had a cool hairdo that day.

4. Back-to-Back Champion

Trish: This was a special to me for a number of reasons: I won the Championship for a 2nd time in my hometown of Toronto in front of my family and friends, it was part of an amazing storyline with 2 of my favorite performers and friends, Molly Holly and Bubba Ray. And it was a pretty cool moment to be Hardcore Champion the previous week – even if it was literally only for a moment! I don't think too many people even realize I am a former Hardcore Champion.

3. Me & The Rock vs. Vince McMahon & Kurt Angle

Trish: When you're put in a high-profile match such as this, you have no choice but to step up your game. I'll forever be thankful for these moments to be able to team up in the main event with the greatest Superstars of all time – I couldn't ask for a better opportunity to learn and perfect your craft than scenarios like this.

2. Chicago Street Fight

Trish: As women in this male dominated world, Victoria and I worked very hard for many months and basically fought for the same 'rights' as the men on our show. This match was proof that the women could kick as much ass as the men could!

1. Main Event

Trish: What an amazing feeling for Lita and I to be given the trust and confidence to close out our flagship show in the main event of Monday Night Raw. Plus, a true testament to the hard work of the women's division as a whole.


5. Stage Toss

Trish: This was one of those moments where Fit Finlay and I made lemonade out of lemons. I decided if I was going to be in a 'mud wrestling match' – it was going to be one filled with a memorable ... and hardcore moments!

4. Crashing Christy Hemme's Playboy Cover Reveal

Trish: Nothing but pure evil Trish here! Sarcastic and smarmy – my 2 favorite traits about 'heel Trish'.

3. Coming to Ashley's Rescue

Trish: This was my triumphant return to the ring after a long, hard recovery process. Plus, it is the pose my LJN action figure is modeled after!

2. Hello Bridesmaid!

Trish: I love a surprise moment! And that visual of me in my white lingerie and Lita in her black wedding gown cat-fighting down the ring steps – classic!

1. Thud!

Trish: Victoria and I got to show the world we could bring it like the boys could, both in the ring ... and outside! I believe mine was the first female skull to be crushed by a steel chair – ow!

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