Top 10 Trish & Lita moments     January 20, 2014

Top 10 Trish & Lita moments

After throwing the vote out to you, we present to you the top 10 Trish Stratus and Lita moments as ranked by you.

Easily the most dominant Divas of their – or perhaps any – generation – Trish and Lita held 11 WWE Women's Championships combined, gave the WWE Universe some of the most memorable moments of the "Golden Era" and above all else proved that, indeed, Divas could main event Monday nights. The two left an indelible mark on WWE, one that still has fans clamoring for their returns today.

Here's what the ladies had to say about each moment chosen by you!

10. Trish presents a video package at Raw labeling Lita "The Walking Kiss of Death"

Trish: Just a cool aspect that we did this video package, just shows how diverse our feud was.

Lita: I liked this because there are two girls kissing to be fake edgy and get attention, and there is just making things uncomfortable and asserting dominance. Diverse for sure, T.

9. Trish scares Lita backstage

Trish: These were always fun segments to do because we didn't really rehearse them, we just improvised and knew I was going to be a mean girl and poor Amy was the poor little prego. The only thing we knew was that we would end up in a brawl!

Lita: So much fun to be had at the expense of the babyface pregnant girl who agreed to carry the spawn of the demon man in exchange for him not beating up her current boyfriend on a TV show about beating each other up. YES! My job ruled. Just another day at the office.

8. Main event with Triple H/Trish vs. The Rock/Lita

Trish: This was an awesome opportunity! And a sign of the times that our girl characters got to hang with the big boys – and in the main event no less!

Lita: Our fued was getting really hot at that time, as was HHH and Rocky's. Perfect opportunity to combine the 2. I thought I should wear my japanimation inspired platform sneakers for this special occasion... I remember Rocky doing his famous pointing gesticulation "You. Now. Up. Finish this sh*t off" as he points to the farthest corner possible. I thought I would later be apologizing and justifying it with, "but The Rock said..." fortunately, all was safe and we had our first taste of main eventness together.

7. Backstage brawl from SmackDown! in 2002

Trish: Amy slapped the taste right out of my mouth – you can't fake a slap! And loved our backstage brawls – we had some epic ones.

Lita: Our intense backstage brawls are something I am proud of. We would always especially get compliments from the guys from those as trash cans, garage doors, locker rooms, and concrete floors don't have a lot of give to them.

6. Lita gives Trish a bloody nose at Survivor Series 2004

Trish: That's what you get when you harass a prego for months on end!

Lita: It was nice to finally get back to being physical in the ring after being able to gift Gene Snitsky with his career catch phrase "It wasn't my fault" smashing my helpless demon spawn, although Kane and I had become quite comfortable with our dysfunctional marriage at this point.

5. Trish interrupts Kane & Lita's wedding as her "Maid of Honor"

Trish: I just love that visual of Amy in the black dress and me in the white, the contrast, the yin and yang – it pretty much was a visual of our career.

Lita: You're welcome, I opted not to recreate that scene at your wedding.

4. Lead up to the 'Battle of the Sexes' - Trish & Lita attack Chris Jericho & Christian after learning about their sleazy bet

Trish: I just get a kick out of the fact that we made the bet over $1 – a Canadian dollar, which we call a 'loonie'. It's funny because at the time the Canadian dollar was at a low, so we weren't even worth a buck! We thought that was pretty funny, or at least the 3 Canadians did lol. The feud itself plus the fact that we were all friends – was a lot of fun!

Lita: I loved that era of wrestling where as long as we could make a way for it to "make sense" (as if anything in wrestling makes sense Smile ) we could do it. The Battle of the Sexes stuff was fun as it was highly entertainment driven, and we got to work with great talent and friends in Christian and Jericho. AND Christian got me my job back after Bischoff fired me. What a bud.

3. Lita returns, saves Trish from Molly Holly & Gail Kim

Trish: I was just so happy to have my bestie back in the ring! And, it was a cool moment for us to actually both be good guys at the time.

Lita: While I was out for 15 months with a broken neck, I watched Trish develop both in the ring and on the mic. While it was exciting and good, not only for women's wrestling, it was cool to see her step up and run. It was also really hard to watch most weeks because I couldn't be out there and didn't know when or if I would be able to return. Returning to the ring and getting to unleash on those girls, feel like my old self again, and team up with Trish – I couldn't think of a better return.

2. Trish's retirement match vs. Lita at Unforgiven 2006

Trish: It was fitting to end my career with Amy, after all the years of our paralleling rivalry. I wouldn't have wanted to face anyone other than Amy.

Lita: People often ask me "what was it like to know you were having Trish's last match with her?" I usually come up with something polite like, I was happy to, I am honored she chose me, ect, exct, and while all that is true in my head I'm like "Duh, who else would she have it with?"

1. Main eventing Raw in December 2004

Trish: We were totally honored when we found out. We had worked our butts off to bring the level of our matches and the interest in our feud to this point, so it was like our hard work had paid off – we worked for that main event spot and we earned it – that felt great! We knew we had a huge responsibility to pull off something great. Thankfully, I have to say, it all came together quite easily for us considering the pressure. We had worked so many matches, we knew each other really well out there and the crowd was totally into it, which always creates a good environment to work in. One thing I do recall was our locker room was filled with a bunch of girls worrying about what to wear and Amy and I looked at each other and laughed because that was the last thing on our minds! I think we both wore the same outfit we wrestled in for the house shows that weekend! I guess what I'm saying is this is one match we knew people would be watching for more than what we were wearing.

Lita: The timing of that match was great. Trish and I had been featured in the main event prior as a tag with Rocky and HHH, but this time was all ours. We were so thankful to be given the opportunity, but at the same time knew we could step up. We're both people that thrive on some pressure and a good challenge.

So, that suicide dive... I remember Headbanger Mosh, or was it Thrasher, it was the one who was Beaver Cleavage, anyway, he was explaining to Trish that she needed to absorb me like a "venetian blind".... clear as day, right? Well let me tell you a Venetian blind at 6 plus feet and 200 plus pounds crumples a lot slower than a tiny Trish. At any rate, it was the most confused I've been after a bump. I had eyes on Trish, my feet didn't get caught on the rope, but when I landed it certainly didn't feel normal. We were on the narrow side of the ring and with her already bumping and having to aim so low it resulted in what I historically refer to as a scorpion bump. I don't recommend this, however, somehow I was totally fine. Watching it back I immediately sit straight up as in a "What the hell just happened, am I paralyzed type of thing?" I quickly realize I am not, but judging by the crowd reaction, it must have looked pretty bad. Good, that means I have an exaggerated 10 count to chill out, be thankful I am okay, and continue to rock Charlotte Coliseum as no two women have before or since.

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