WWE.com's The 50 Greatest Matches in Raw History: #16 Trish Stratus vs. Lita

Press     July 9, 2012

Photo: WWE

By WWE.com Staff

Marking the first time in history that the Divas were featured in the main event of Raw, Trish Stratus and Lita shined like true main eventers. Their rivalry couldn't have been any more personal, as Trish had repeatedly tried to humiliate Lita by poking fun at her pregnancy and relationship with Kane. One month after getting disqualified for breaking Trish's nose with a steel chair at Survivor Series, Lita got another opportunity to capture the Women's Championship and teach Trish a lesson.

Aside from the red-hot rivalry, what made this clash so outstanding were the daring maneuvers that shattered the mold of Divas matches. From a high-risk dive through the ropes to a back-breaking superplex, Lita electrified the crowd by venturing outside of the norm throughout the match. In a thrilling finish, Lita countered a Stratusfaction attempt and hit a reverse Twist of Fate, followed by a mighty moonsault off the top rope to end Trish's 176-day title reign.

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