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07/09/2010, 02:04 PM

Mickie James talks about working with Trish and the crazed storyline

By Brian Lusczki
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Trish Stratus as Mickie James, Mickie James as Trish Stratus
Former WWE Diva and now country singer Mickie James appeared on FOW Radio this past week and talked about one of the most successful women's storylines in WWE history, the infamous fan obsessed storyline with Trish Stratus.

Believe it or not, Trish was not who James originally had in mind to play the role. She actually had pitched the idea for former diva Amy "Lita" Dumas, whom she knew well from the independent scene. However, after a meeting with WWE owner Vince McMahon, she got a call six months later informing her that she was needed at the TV tapings and that she'd be working with the Women's Champion.

"Trish helped me out so much with the little things that I didn't know like those little camera angles and how to present yourself," James said. "We just got along great - she's amazing! I got to know her and I'd always look up to her and admire her, but I really didn't know her that well, she was always sweet, but everything was always business."

With the help of the writers, the two put their ideas together and unexpectedly created something special.

"Between her ideas and my ideas and the writers that would come in and totally just transform this storyline into something amazing. I never expected it to go so big or become so popular in the fans eyes. We ended up drawing on so much emotion."

James added that they were both blown away by the response they got from the fans during their culminating WrestleMania 22 match in Chicago.


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