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01/25/2016, 03:19 AM Stars in Cars: Trish Stratus

By Press
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Courtesy / By Petrina Gentile

WWE Hall of Famer Trish Stratus became Canada’s queen of wrestling from the moment she stepped into the ring in 2000. When she retired in 2006, she was a seven-time WWE Women’s Champion who made it into the pages of history by setting a Guinness World Record for most wins by a female wrestling champ. Nowadays, the 5-foot-4 former ring queen is a fitness icon and entrepreneur with her own lifestyle brand, dubbed Stratusphere, which includes a line of yoga fitness products, wellness teas, and DVDs. She’s also an actress who stars alongside Danny Glover and Dominic Purcell in the upcoming flick, Gridlocked. On screen and on the road, Stratus embodies beauty and brawn – just like her wheels. She drives a 2015 Range Rover Sport SUV.

PG: “Why did you buy a Range Rover?”

TS: “First of all, I’m a mommy so I need the space for babies, the stroller etc. I’ve been in SUVs for the longest time now. I love them. I’ve had the Porsche Cayenne, the Mercedes, and the Cadillac SUVs. I like it. I’m used to it. It makes me feel nice and high. I enjoy the extra space, especially now that I have a family. I have the spacey car and my husband, Ron, has the sedan [a 2016 Mercedes-Benz C 450 AMG] so that’s how we make it work.”

PG: Does your Range Rover have the brawn and beauty of a former WWE diva?

TS: “I think it does. Actually, that’s a very good way to put it. Maybe that’s why I chose this car. It’s rugged. It can take a beating and it can go, but it’s still very sleek and classic. And it actually looks very classy as well.”

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