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12/07/2015, 03:28 PM

Trish stuns on Shespoke cover

By / @trishstratuscom
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2015 is coming to a close but not without another cover for Trish. This time she stuns on the cover of the winter issue of Shespoke Magazine.

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Shespoke magazine aims to inspire and educate women to delve into and celebrate their own style in all aspects of their lives.

"From the initial contact with Trish to our final end result in her spectacular Shespoke cover feature/spread, I cannot express enough how extraordinary of a woman she was to work with," said Samantha Chibani, editor-in-chief. She added, "the fluid communication made it feel like we had been working side-by-side cohesively for years!"

The shoot got personal for Trish as two year old Max joined her on-location at Toronto's Ritz Carlton hotel.

"When the publisher spoke about wanting to capture the real me in the photos, I thought the shoot has to include Max then", said Trish about the editorial. "Sam (the publisher) totally agreed and we were so excited to include Max in the shoot! And, for me to have these photos of Max and I is priceless. He is such a part of who I am today, I almost feel like something would have been missing if Max wasn't in these photos!"

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This cover brings Trish’s count to 102 and is collectively one of the favorites of the staff!

Shespoke is sending Stratuspherians the complete issue directly to your inbox! Simply enter your email to receive Trish’s 102nd cover and the stunning feature.

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