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11/08/2013, 02:33 AM

Stratus Mattel figure debuts

By Jon Waldman / @jonwaldman
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Earlier this year, reported that the first-ever Trish Stratus Mattel figure was being produced. Now, we're happy to tell you that she is finally hitting store shelves!

A couple of keen Stratuspherians have begun to show off the hottest action figure to hit storeshelves on YouTube and message boards across the toysphere.

"I'm excited about the final result, but what makes me happier is from what I'm reading, my Stratuspherians are happy with Mattel's first Trish Stratus figure," Trish Stratus said. "I can't wait to add the figure to my own collection."

This is the first time we are getting a look at the finished product with this exclusive 'glamour' photoset from Mattel.Traditionally in the figurine market, a company will create a prototype, at times known as a "two-up" (because it's twice the size of a normal figure), that is used in promotional material like the image you saw here previously. At times there will be changes during production and the final product will appear slightly different than the prototype.

The figure pays tribute to the Survivor Series 2005 Women's championship match versus Melina, which saw Trish retain with the WWE Women's Championship.

Of course, with the recent arrival of Maximus, one has to wonder if the newest member of Trish's family will be allowed to play with the figure once it arrives to the Stratus home.

"Well," Trish said after a moment of pondering, "hopefully I'll get a couple figures because Mama has to keep one mint in its box, right?"

Evolution of the Trish Stratus action figure
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