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10/18/2013, 01:56 PM

Trish's 10 favorite cover shoots

By / @trishstratuscom
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As Trish's cover count creeps closer to 100 after the release of her 97th with the issue of the latest Parents Canada, we wanted to ask the covergirl extraordinaire which covers are her favorites. Take a look at Trish's top 10 covers:

1. Parents Canada (Fall 2013)

Trish: Love that I got to shoot the bump!

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2. Inside Fitness (June/July 2012)

Trish: One of my favorite publications to shoot for.

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3. OPA (November 2012)

Trish: Meant a lot to shoot for a Greek magazine.

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4. Sweat Equity (Fall 2011)

Trish: Shot by one of my favorite photographers - Liana Louzan.

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5. WWE Magazine (September 2006)

Trish: My last WWE magazine cover.

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6. FLARE (June 2003)

Trish: First fashion magazine I shot for.

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7. Oxygen (June 2002)

Trish: First time on this cover so it was special.

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8. Adrenaline (Winter 2001)

Trish: There's something about a black & white photo.

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9. MuscleMag International (March 1999)

Trish: One of Bob Kennedy's favorites that I shot for him.

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10. MuscleMag International (September 1998)

Trish: You never forget your first.

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Vote on your favorite cover below or list your own top 10 for Trish in the comments section!


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