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Fan Forum Five

By Jon Waldman     May 10, 2013

You asked, and once again Trish answers.

After our first round of Q&A in conjunction with SLAM! Wrestling, the gang at TrishStratus.com looked through the emails, Tweets and Facebook posts we got in and saw there were plenty of questions left unanswered – and plenty of good ones!

Given that we were just as curious as you, we went back to Trish and posed the tough questions to our own WWE Hall of Famer. The result? A new feature here on TS.com we like to call the Fan Forum Five!

To kick off this series, we've dipped back into the mailbag and brought out 5 new questions asked by you, our Stratuspherians. Check out if your question was answered, and if not, stay tuned to TrishStratus.com to see when our next round of Fan Forum Five will be launched with a new round of your questions! Read below to find out how you can submit a question to Trish for our next round!

Q: How hard was it to break away from the purely "Candy eye" image and get the fans to take you seriously as a female wrestler? -Ruben (@md_ruben)
A: Harder than you think! Remember – this was an era where "we want puppies!" was chanted more than just about anything else in WWE arenas. To try to break away from that image, it was a matter of having to go out there and re-educate the fans on what we female performers could deliver in the ring. I knew that each time we stepped into the ring, we had a chance to showcase a different side and for me, I made a point to showcase an athletic performer - one who kicked ass!

Q: What were you thinking every time you were on top rope or doing a high flying/risky move? -Jordan Houlihan (@jordy123k)
A: Don't botch this! Seriously though, in order to pull off high risk moves, you have to trust both yourself and your opponent. Whenever I did a high flying/risky move, I always made sure it was something I was comfortable doing and it was a part of my training. I never tried to pull off something I wasn't 100% comfortable with or wasn't 100% confident that my opponent and I could pull it off. So, when the time came for me to get up on the top rope in front of the WWE Universe, all I was thinking of was the pin count that followed!

Q: Do you think you will ever host a nuTRISHious cooking show? -Taylor (@sostratusfying)
A: I don't know, but I will say that working on another TV series would be a lot of fun to do again! I certainly have a lot of great recipes I've developed over the years, and most are even tested with a stamp of stratusfacion by Team Stratusphere!
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Q: Was it hard keeping up with your favorite shows and not having them spoiled for you while being on the road? -Steve (@twitscubasteve)
A: Definitely! It's not like today where you can stream any show you want to a smartphone or tablet, or have a PVR waiting for you when you get home. The route I went was buying the boxsets of various TV series and I would watch them on a portable DVD player.

Q: What do you love the most about growing up in Canada, Toronto? -Nixzetta Mena (@NixzettaKM)
A: The culture. Canada has a great mix of heritage that allows us to celebrate many backgrounds. Toronto is made of up of many communities, each representing different cultures – you truly get a taste for everything here! If you haven't been to Toronto, I highly recommend making the trip ... and of course, stopping in to Stratusphere Yoga Studio for a sesh or two ;)
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Now's your chance to have your question answered by Trish! Submit your question below for the opportunity to hear from Trish Stratus during our next Fan Forum Five!

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