Stratusfying summer smoothies

Keep it healthy this summer with Trish's smoothie recipes. They are a quick and easy choice for a nuTRISHious snack, meal or post-workout shake!
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Trish WrestleMania Fusion card hits WWE SuperCard

From the electrically-charged depths of the Fusion Chamber, 2K is bringing you WrestleMania Fusions for its mobile game WWE SuperCard. And we can reveal there's a Trish Stratus card – powered with even more Stratusfaction.
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Trish covers Total Wrestling magazine

Trish covers the July edition of UK wrestling magazine Total Wrestling. In this issue, she discusses WWE women's division and her excitement for the company's future.
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WWE strategy games

From booster packs to DVD board games, check out these galleries of Trish Stratus cards from various WWE strategy games.
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Champion Card Game (Korea) »
Tesla (Italy) »
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Topps WWE Undisputed returns with all-new Stratus premium cards

In 2015, Topps introduced Undisputed, it's highest premium WWE trading card set, and collectors and Stratuspherians loved it; so much so that the brand has been brought back for 2016.
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Trish films for WWE Network can exclusively reveal WWE cameras were recently at the Stratusphere headquarters in Toronto to film Trish for the WWE Network.
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q&a with trish
Submit your questions for Fan Forum Five: Gridlocked edition

Trish is giving you behind the scenes insight on her film Gridlocked in an upcoming edition of Fan Forum Five. Have a question about her character "Gina", the cast or the movie in general? Submit your question now and be sure to pre-order your copy today at Stratusphere Shop.
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Gridlocked - Behind the scenes is taking you behind the scenes on the set of Gridlocked.
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available now!
Own Trish Stratus' latest movie: Gridlocked available June 14

It's official! Trish Stratus' latest film Gridlocked will be available for Stratuspherian consumption Tuesday, June 14th!
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New Stratusphere swag

Get the gear! You asked for it and it's here. The Stratusphere t-shirt is joined by our brand spanking new hoodie – and it's available right now at Stratusphere Shop. Represent the brand and the woman behind it.
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Your guide to stratusfaction on WWE Network

With the launch of WWE Network, there are literally thousands of hours of WWE programming at your fingertips. Among those hours are hundreds of hours of stratusfaction. To help you navigate your way to more Trish-tory, we've put together a complete episode guide of Trish's career so you can relive it through the WWE Network.
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5 reasons why you'll love Stratusphere Sculpt
Exclusive: Trish films for WWE Network
Evolution of the Trish Stratus action figure

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Trish talks Gridlocked, her favorite WWE Superstars, underwear and more in Reddit AMA.
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WWE Rivalries looks back at Trish vs. Lita. Watch on WWE Network!
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Relive Trish on every SmackDown! right now on WWE Network.
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Haven't tried Stratusphere Sculpt DVD yet? Here's 5 reasons why you'll love it.
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Own Trish's newest film, Gridlocked on DVD & Blu-ray today.
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Say 'happy birthday' with this Trish Stratus birthday card!
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