WWE.com: Stratus reacts to Keibler being named 2004 BOTY

Press     December 30, 2004

BILOXI, MS – After being voted Diva of the Year three straight times, Trish Stratus has finally been dethroned. On Monday night, Stacy Keibler announced that the fans had voted her the 2004 Diva of the Year (her stunning Babe of the Year photo spread can be seen in the January 2005 issue of Raw Magazine available January 11th).

Backstage at the Mississippi Coast Coliseum, the former Babe of the Year sat on a black leather stool, watching a nearby monitor, and upon hearing the news of Stacy's victory, Stratus showed zero emotion on her face, but one has to think that being unseated from her prestigious title must be bothering the Canadian Diva deep at heart. When asked what she thought of Keibler's accomplishment, Stratus was not impressed.

"Oh I didn't even know there was a contest this year," Trish said with a big laugh. "Well, I've already had that honor three times, so I guess you can say I've moved on to bigger and better things. She can have that silly title."

Since turning on Chris Jericho at WrestleMania XX, Trish has undergone a personality metamorphosis. The once sweet, good-natured Diva has gone on to become exceptionally egotistical and diabolical. Yet when asked if her change of heart may have affected the voting, Trish had a different reasoning for the outcome.

"Well the fans obviously have a misconception of beauty," Trish continued. "I don't need to prove anything. I think that the people already know deep down that I'm the best looking, and most dominant Diva in WWE. Maybe they just felt that had to give someone else - someone less attractive - a chance. But I'm really not concerned with what they think, I'm just concerned with getting my Women's Title back."

Aside from losing the Babe of the Year contest, Trish also lost her Women's Title to Lita just a few weeks back on Raw. However unlike her Babe of the Year title, Trish won't have to wait a full year before getting a Women's Championship rematch. At New Year's Revolution on January 9th, Trish will get her shot to regain the title from Lita.

by anthony cali

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