6 years ago: Trish takes her final bow as a 7-time WWE Women's Champion on her home soil

Brian Lusczki     September 17, 2012

With her hometown crowd firmly behind her, Trish Stratus paid homage to Bret Hart in her title match against Lita when she hooked on the Sharpshooter at Unforgiven. The crowd erupted as a 7 year long rivalry reached closure and a 7 year long career had a storybook ending as Trish made history by defeating Lita to become a record breaking 7-time WWE Women's Champion. This rare special moment was ranked 6th by WWE.com on their XTop 15 Biggest Hometown Victories list.

Six years later, fans still recall the moment that makes Trish arguably the WWE's greatest female wrestler of all time.

Below are some of the comments from Trish's Facebook wall:

Stratusphere Yoga Studio:
Happy Anniversary to the greatest WWE Women's Champion in history - our bosslady, Trish Stratus! The wrestling world's loss was the yoga world's gain.

Sarah Sweedland wrote:
Thank-you Trish! For being an amazing role model. For being my hero and showing me that I can do whatever I want no matter how hard it is.

Lovert Mays wrote:
You will always be the best in my eyes. Just phenomenal athlete, and a even better person. The divas of today have a lot do to live up to your career and influence in women's wrestling

Mariah Edmiston wrote:
A champion..... Always a great Champion... Thank you Trish... Never forget who you really are Wink

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Trish's most winningest moves
Unforgiven Results: Storybook Ending

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