Trish Stratus talks transition from WWE ring to silver screen

Brian Lusczki     March 2, 2012

By Eric LeRoux

One of professional wrestling's pioneers is without question Trish Stratus, a WWE Diva who made a name for herself with a previously unseen combination of both beauty and athleticism. Though she's been retired from a full-time stint the ring for a few years the beloved Stratus has still kept herself busy with a number of personal ventures including her recent decision to give filmmaking a shot.

Stratus' first project was a movie called Bounty Hunters, released on DVD today (2/28), where she plays a federal agent whose physical appearance is as stunning as the punches/kicks she lays opponents out with. Though the territory may sound familiar for Stratus based on her work in WWE, according to the 36-year old, there were definitely some differences between the two ventures.

"I would say the main thing that is missing is the instant gratification," said Stratus in an interview with WWE's website. "Of course you're used to getting a response from every little move you do, which is the point of being a sports entertainer – you go out there to elicit a response. But with (a movie) you go out there on this closed set and it's a little different because you do this cool move and there's really no reaction."

However, that's not to saw there weren't rewarding aspects to the process with Stratus adding, "I'll tell you what is equally gratifying, seeing the fight scenes and watching the movie on the big screen. Watching it on the big screen was totally rewarding and to see myself fight with sound effects? Very cool."

While there were also some differences between the physicality involved Stratus explained the director left the door open for her to get rough with the stuntwomen during fight scenes so long as both parties were comfortable with it.

"In WWE there's no way around it – we're wrestlers and we make contact. When I try to approach my fight scenes as a stunt person would, which was making no contact, it was very difficult for me, so the director looked at us and said, much like you're approaching the script, go ahead and go with what you're comfortable doing in these fight scenes," stated Stratus. "Rather than approach the scenes as stuntwomen, we approached them as fighters, and that's why they're such breathtaking scenes, I would like to say … we're fighters. We know what it feels like to get punched in the face and deliver a punch and kick, so it was kind of cool. I was really excited about the opportunity to showcase the wrestling world to the movie world and mesh the two."

Also, Stratus made sure to make it clear she did all her own stunts.

"I did, of course. I wouldn't have it any other way! You'll see there was one crazy moment where I might happen to fall out of the back of an ambulance. And yes, that is really me, and there is no bluescreen behind me."

Athlete, model, and now actor – no matter the realm it appears Stratusfaction is guaranteed.


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