WWE.com's Top 10 Whoa-mances of All Time: #10 Jericho & Trish

Brian Lusczki     February 14, 2007

WWE.com's No. 10 Whoa-mance started out as a gamble made in the poorest of tastes. During an October 2003 edition of Raw, Chris Jericho had wagered one dollar (Canadian) that he would score �100% Stratusfaction� from Trish Stratus before his �Creepy Little Bastard� pal, Christian, could moonsault Lita into his creaky little bed. To kick-start their plan, both Superstars spent the next few weeks charging ringside to save the Divas from outside attacks�Y2J would rescue Trish, while �C.L.B.� did likewise for Lita.

At first, the Divas were understandably hesitant to trust the two ill-reputed Superstars, but Trish soon believed that Jericho sincerely wanted to be with her. More important, he did; having genuinely fallen for Trish, Y2J now sought to win her heart rather than an ill-conceived bet. Dating seriously by mid-November, the two were clearly championing love instead of the WWE titles they had held throughout their respective careers.

Sadly, the brightest fires�particularly those of an amorous nature�often burn briefest. On the night she was preparing to give herself fully to Jericho, Trish learned of his earlier bet with �C.L.B.��and that he was �rounding third and coming home.� She had no idea that Jericho was saying such things merely to save face in front of his buddy, nor would she allow him to explain, even after the two Superstars followed her and Lita to the ring and publicly apologized with flowers. Instead, the Divas used the flowers to assault their suitors, then later interfered in their match for the World Tag Team Championship.

After his reluctant participation in two �Battle of the Sexes� Matches with Trish and Lita, Jericho made a New Year�s resolution to reconcile with Trish, and by late January had succeeded in rekindling a friendship between them. But the jealous �Creepy Little Bastard,� convinced that the �Ayatollah of Rock-n-Roll-ah� had softened his personal tune, meted out some �tough love,� first by issuing Trish a humiliating beatdown in the ring, then a WrestleMania XX challenge against his former best friend. An irate Jericho accepted the challenge, and in New York City's Madison Square Garden delivered some much-needed pummeling to his former tag team partner. Furthermore, when Trish rushed ringside to lend Jericho support, WWE fans felt certain that Y2J, and true love, would emerge victorious that March night.

Suddenly, tragedy would strike in the form of the Diva's elbow, which �accidentally� caught Jericho in the face, leaving him open for a cheap rollup that gave �C.L.B.� the win. But the true victim that evening would be Y2J's affections, which were dashed the instant Trish slapped him across the face, setting him up for his former friend's finisher. Stunned more by the Diva's treachery than by any defeat or physical attack, a broken-hearted Jericho could only watch as Trish and �C.L.B.� walked arm-in-arm up the WrestleMania ramp, then planted each other with a liplock no man-made crowbar could pry.

Chris Jericho would exact his revenge eventually, defeating Trish and her creepy little boyfriend in a Handicap Match at Backlash, but it wouldn't change the facts. Though he had originally pursued the Diva with wrongful intentions, he had come around to truly love her. Unfortunately, he had taken his biggest gamble�and lost�on a black-hearted bombshell whose only advice to Jericho was to become �a real man, because right now, you can't get no Stratusfaction.�

by mike mcAvennie
source: http://www.wwe.com/inside/listthis/greatestwhoamances/greatwhoamances10

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