6/26 RAW Results

Brian Lusczki     June 26, 2006

After missing nearly two months of action, Trish returned to the ring tonight to compete against Mickie James for the chance to become a seven-time Women's Champion.

Trish jumped off to a great start. Everything seem to be going her way until her shoulder became a target for the deranged champion. After the damage was inflicted, Trish was unable to defend herself any longer, allowing Mickie to deliver a vicious DDT for the upset win.

While Trish remained in the ring nursing her shoulder, the sound of Melina & Johnny Nitro's music played as the two made their way to the ring. But what for? Apparently, Melina proclaimed to be the new top diva in the WWE and that it was time for Trish to pass the torch. However, Trish took exception and shoved Melina to the mat. Nitro then grabbed onto Trish setting up some kind of attack but Carlito ran down to get himself some of Nitro.

Backstage, Trish caught up with Carlito to thank him. However, Carlito became arrogant by explaining he did what he did because he was screwed out of becoming IC champion. Trish thanked him again before proceeding to walk off, but Carlito grabbed her arm to tell her it was no problem. Trish whispered something in his ear before walking away. Carlito was left saying, "now that's cool."

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