Payback results     September 2, 2023

The WWE Universe just witnessed an instant classic.

Trish enters her first-ever cage match.

Trish wastes no time and tries to exit.

Becky delivers 3 consecutive Bexploders.

Trish hits a spinebuster.

Say cheese!

Becky goes for the Dis-arm-her.

The MaTrish is countered.



Trish pays homage to Victoria with the 'Widows Peak!'

Becky returns the favor with a nod to Lita by using the 'Twist of Fate'.

Stratusfaction bulldog off the top rope.

Trish & Becky scale the cage.

Trish dangles upside down.

Holy sh*t! A superplex off the top of the cage!

Both women are giving it their all!

Becky and Zoey play tug-of-war.

Becky hits the Manhandle Slam off the top rope for the win.

Trish isn't happy with her protege.

Putting Zoey in her place.

Zoey lays out Trish with a Z360!

What just happened?!?

Stills from match ยป

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