8/21 Raw results: 'You're not gonna survive this one, b*tch!'

Brian Lusczki     August 21, 2023

It was made official. Trish Stratus takes on Becky Lynch inside a Steel Cage at Payback on September 2nd.

The Man says her legacy won't be defined by wins or losses or championships; it will be defined by survival. And mentions the upcoming cage match.

But first, she has unfinished with Zoey Stark. Before she can finish, Trish & Zoey grace Canada: Merci Beaucoup Quebec.

Trish says it means absolutely nothing to be in Quebec City and that they're no Montreal or Toronto. Trish says she wouldn't be there if it wasn't for that sour puss and would've split like Trudeau. The crowd begins to chant something in French.

Trish says she's never been in a cage match. Becky asks Trish if she's scared. Trish admits she is, but she was scared when she first entered the WWE with zero experience and killed it. She was the first woman to main event Raw and killed it. She was thrown into the fire during her entire career and has always shined.

Trish warns Becky she should be scared because she'll get a side of the Hall of Famer she's never seen before. This time Becky 'won't survive this one, b*tch!'

Stills from show ยป

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