7/17 Raw results: Trish agrees to rematch with Becky if she can defeat Zoey

Brian Lusczki     July 17, 2023

The Miz introduces Becky Lynch as his guest on Miz TV.

Becky tells Miz she knows how his stupid show works and that he has more guests so bring out Trish before she takes away his "tiny" manhood. Miz says she's right and welcomes Zoey Stark and Trish Stratus.

As Trish and Zoey make their way to the ring, Becky demands a rematch with Trish.

Trish says she won't fight her because she already beat her. Zoey chimes in that she did as well. Therefore, Trish declares they are done with her and moving on.

But first, Trish wants Becky to say "Thank you Trish" while they're on Miz TV.

Becky says if Trish is the GOAT like she claims, then give her a rematch and prove it.

Trish finally agrees to give her a rematch but Becky needs to defeat Zoey first AND if Becky loses, agree to the following conditions:
  • Becky has to get down on her knees and say "Thank you Trish"
  • Get a "Thank you Trish" tattoo across her chest

Becky says "done" to all.

Trish and Zoey proceed to beatdown Becky. The Man fights back and pulls the face mask off Trish, revealing her bruised face. Becky then puts the mask on, turns around and headbutts Zoey with it.

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