Money in the Bank results: So close

Brian Lusczki     July 1, 2023

Trish & Zoey make their way to the ring.


Trish & Zoey go after Becky

Trish & Zoey work as a unit to setup the ladder.

Trish comes crashing down.

Stratusphere off the ladder!

Zelina uses Trish as a bridge.

Trish is moments away from becoming Miss Money in the Bank!

But Becky has other plans.

Trish & Becky team up to take out Zelina.

That looks nasty.

They hate each other again.

Handcuffs sighting.

Becky ducks the double team.

Becky hits The Manhandle Slam onto a ladder.

Trish is wiped out.

IYO SKY grabs the briefcase and the Money in the Bank contract.

Trish looks on in defeat.

Stills from match ยป

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