6/19 Raw results: Thank you Becky

Brian Lusczki     June 19, 2023

Trish Stratus could add another accolade to her legendary career in less than 2 weeks: Miss Money in the Bank – thanks to Becky Lynch.

Trish defeated Raquel Rodriguez in a qualifying match in her first singles match on Raw in 12 years.

But things didn't seem to go in her favor at the start, as Rodriguez's size and strength proved to be a challenge. Trish was tossed around and rag-dolled relentlessly by her larger opponent.

During the match, Zoey Stark took advantage of the ref being distracted and swept Rodriguez's legs out. Becky Lynch ran down and attacked Stark from behind. Trish saw what was happening and jumped to the outside, but The Man put her hands on Trish in defense, leading to a DQ and ultimately making things more difficult for herself.

Trish will compete in her first-ever ladder match and looks forward to another possible championship under her belt.

All we have left to say is 'thank you Becky!'

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