Trish Stratus' best hell raisin' moments     March 19, 2021

In honor of Stone Cold Steve Austin Week, we gathered the times Trish Stratus raised hell akin to the Texas Rattlesnake!

1. Jersey Shore bar brawl (Raw - Mar 28, 2011)

Trish and Snooki throw down with Lay-Cool.

2. Slapping the boss (WrestleMania X-Seven)

Trish makes noise on the grandest stage by slapping Mr. McMahon.

3. Christy = No champion (Raw - Feb 28, 2005)

Trish labels Christy Hemme something else other than a 'champion'.

4. The b*tch is back! (Raw - Feb 24, 2003)

Trish returns to settle the score with Jazz.

5. Air Lita (Raw - Jul 17, 2000)

Trish gets extreme by shoving Lita off a ladder and through a table!

6. Trish gets messy (SmackDown! - Feb 22, 2001)

Trish makes a mess with the Billion Dollar Princess' face.

7. Trish and Lita get physical (SmackDown! - Mar 14, 2002)

Trish and Lita don't hold back during a backstage brawl.

8. Making an example out of Maria (Raw - Mar 14, 2005)

Trish attacks Maria Kanellis to send a message.

9. TKO'd (Raw - Sept 6, 2004)

Trish makes easy work of Nidia by knocking her out – one handed!

10. Taking care of bidness (Raw - Feb 21, 2005)

Trish slaps newcomer and GoDaddy girl Candice Michelle.

11. Jericho left with a broken heart (WrestleMania XX)

Trish aligns with Christian.

12. 'Paddle this, b*tch!' (Raw - Jul 23, 2001)

Things get heated between Trish and Torrie Wilson before their match.

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