A Valentine's Day party: Trish shares some tips and tricks

Trish Stratus     February 18, 2019

I pump up every holiday pretty big to the kids talking about the meaning and how we will celebrate it. Max gets excited when we pull out the boxes for said holiday and loves helping me decorate. Valentine's Day is no different. We pulled out the decorations, baked some heart cookies and picked out their Valentine's Day cards for their classmates. Then Max asked if the family will be coming over to celebrate. I guess after his birthday bash in September, Thanksgiving, then Christmas which was also Madi's baptism, for Max – holiday = family celebrations (our family is big so that means a minimum of 40!). So I explained to Max we don't have a big gathering for Valentine's Day. But then I thought – well, why not give him his own little gathering. So I invited two of my girlfriends, each toting 3 kids and we had a little party of 8 to celebrate Valentine's Day!

Of course I do love any excuse to put together a little party but it's been so busy lately so I kept it simple and frugal probably spending only about $60 between the goodies and the decorating bits (thanks to 50% at Michaels) – and that includes a party size pizza!

The kids loved their Valentine's pizza party and the moms did too – especially because I ordered us sushi!

Adult table ready for sushi – for the Valentine's PIZZA party haha.

I have a rental place I use for my gatherings, so for $12 I got this kiddie sized table. I think it makes them feel special when they have their little own table.

It was super easy to dress things up with paper plates. Plus, these cute pink charger plates kept their table looking all fancy!

For the centerpieces I used treats which worked well to keep the kids motivated to finish their dinner. Not that they needed much motivation for the pizza, but the veggies needed a bit of bribery assist.

How cute are these mini donuts – 12 for $1 at Walmart! I stacked them on a candle stand which was perfect for the minis. My biggest splurge were the pink cake pops from Starbucks which happen to perfectly match my little blush vase!

Madi's vanity made an appearance again for the dessert table. Perfect kids size to hold the cookies and cupcakes. The kids got a kick out of serving themselves from this mason jar dispenser. I just added a dash of strawberry watermelon Stur (natural drink flavour) to keep that pink going!

Our kitchen is open to the family room so naturally I had to carry through the decor. Just a few pops of pink and red, some flowers, a couple of things from the good ‘ole dollar store and voila! we've got V-Day decor!

How cute are these framed photos? The ‘BE MINE' are just printed from a computer and the other frame on the first photo is just a Valentine's Day napkin I put in a frame! Easy peasy and cheap!

What a memorable little gathering for the kids. I also gave them a special start to their Valentine's Day which included setting up their own little breakfast table complete with hearts shaped french toast and fruit! Check out the photos below.

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