10 Trish matches you need to see

By TrishStratus.com     September 8, 2016    

There are the well-documented Trish matches that often get recognized. But we're here to spotlight some of the underrated matches in her career.

1. SmackDown!: Trish vs. Molly Holly (Nov 23, 2000)

This early match in Trish's career showcased signs of her potential in the ring.

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2. Raw: Trish vs. Jazz (Apr 7, 2003)

A hard fought match that resulted in some blood shed.

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3. No Mercy 2002: Trish vs. Victoria

Trish & Victoria's Survivor Series match with hardcore rules seems to get all the attention, but we think this gem ranks ahead of that.

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4. Raw: Trish vs Victoria (Nov 25, 2002)

Trish & Victoria battled nearly 10 minutes, it was the first of many matches with more time and started to solidify that the women were just as capable as the men in the ring.

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5. Unforgiven 2004: Trish vs. Victoria

The audience being enthralled with the storyline coming into this match made us all the more invested in it.

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6. Raw: Trish vs. Molly Holly (Apr 15, 2002)

Another match fueled by a storyline allowed fans to feel the energy of this match up.

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7. Heat: Trish vs. Molly Holly (Jun 22, 2003)

Trish has credited Molly for her influence on her progress in the ring, by 2002, they're in-ring chemistry was obvious.

8. Raw: Trish & Lita vs. Mighty Molly & Ivory (Oct 22, 2001)

After suffering an ankle injury, Trish returned with an all-new focus in the ring that clearly showed in this match. She even pulled out a hurricanrana – the only time she's used that move during a match.

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9. Raw: Trish vs. Nidia (Jul 5, 2004)

Don't blink or you'll miss it. A match that goes down as the quickest victory in Trish's career.

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10. Heat: Trish vs. Ivory (Apr 6, 2003)

An early mentor of Trish's in ring development, by 2003, Trish was schooling Ivory with a plethora of moves added to her repertoire.

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