Royal Rumble Results

Brian Lusczki     January 30, 2006

In hope to settle their differences, Mickie & Ashley faced off one-on-one with Trish assigned as the special referee. Before the match, it seemed as Mickie was trying to pursue Trish to take her side when she dropped a bombshell by telling Trish that she loved her.

For the most part of the match, Trish called things fairly. However, during the final seconds, she reluctantly counted the three after Mickie powerbombed Ashley. Ecstatic over her victory, Mickie tried celebrating with her idol but Trish was in no mood to be cheerful.

Later in the night, Mickie caught up with Trish in the Instant Access room and told her she knew she'd do the right thing. Trish explained she was just doing what she had to. Mickie agreed and said it was because Trish loves her, and she loves Trish. Confused, Trish told her to hold on as the camera faded out. What might have Trish told Mickie? We're bound to find out tomorrow night on RAW.

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