1/23 RAW Results: Mickie's Jealousy

By Brian Lusczki     January 24, 2006    

Mickie approached Trish backstage to ask if it was true that she was teaming with Ashley tonight instead of her. Mickie began freaking out over Trish's response - questioning why would she do that. She went onto say everything she's done was for her and that she doesn't even care as she sat down bursting into tears. As Trish tried to show some concern, Mickie suddenly looked up and told Trish to do whatever she wants to do before getting up and walking off.

After a successful team victory over Victoria & Candice, Mickie's jealousy kicked into gear when she attacked Ashley. The Women's Champion was unable to contain her obsessed fan from the attacks as the two struggled before finally relieving Mickie.

It was later announced that Trish would be the special guest referee for a match between Mickie and Ashley at the Royal Rumble this Sunday. This now leaves Trish in the middle of what could be an explosive situation.

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