Exclusive: First look at 'The Queen of WrestleMania' series from Topps

Jon Waldman     September 24, 2014

After months of anticipation, Topps Road to WrestleMania has released in hobby shops and retail stores across North America, and there's a heavy dose of Stratusfaction included.

As TrishStratus.com shared, Trish is featured in the "Queen of WrestleMania" insert series, chronicling her performances at the "Showcase of the Immortals". Eight cards make up the series, with an average of two of the coveted cards coming out of each 24-pack box.

"I'm so excited these cards are finally out," Trish said. "It feels like forever ago that I was checking out the preview images and reliving my Wrestlemania moments with my fellow WWE gals when I was writing the card backs."

The card backs were written by Trish herself as she shared memories of being in the ring with the likes of Lita, Jazz and Mickie James.

"Working on the cards was a fun project. I can remember as a kid collecting WWE cards with my cousins," she recalls. "To be featured like this and be a part of developing the set was an amazing opportunity and I can't thank Topps enough for this. As a collector, it's very exciting!"

Road to WrestleMania chronicles the WWE year from the Raw after WrestleMania 29 to the main event of WrestleMania 30 and also includes special edition cards of the Ultimate Warrior, Undertaker and highlight moments from the 30 years of the biggest event in sports entertainment.

As we revealed earlier this week, Trish also has signed autographs for the set, which will be rare but valuable hits for collectors. She also signed special cards that have a piece of the mat from WrestleMania 30, while two of her ring outfits were cut with swatches embedded into cards as well.

"There's no better way to say it – we're guaranteeing Stratusfaction in Road to WrestleMania!" Trish said.

Road to WrestleMania is available now at Stratusphere Shop!

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