1/16 RAW Results: Mickie Snaps

Brian Lusczki     January 17, 2006

The topic of discussion between Trish & Ashley while preparing for their upcoming tag match was Ashley's concern with Mickie as a partner. Ashley told Trish that Mickie was obsessed with her. However, Trish looked at it as only being over-protected. She insisted that Mickie would be by their side during the match. Ashley felt differently. She continued to say that she was obsessed with her. At that point, Mickie walked in hearing what Ashley had just said and questioned if they were talking about her. In the end, Ashley reluctantly accepted Mickie's appology for last week.

Things were seemingly cool between Mickie & Ashley until Ashley was accidently shoved into Mickie - knocking her off the apron. In anger, Mickie got into the ring and went after Ashley. Once Trish realized what was going on, she pulled Mickie to the outside. While the two argued; inside the ring Victoria was able to hit the Widow's Peak on Ashley for the pinfall.

Trish got back into the ring to look-over Ashley while at the same time giving Mickie an angry look of her own. Will this make Trish realize that Ashley assumed right eariler?

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