Trish is touched by fans show of support     April 5, 2014

H.O.F. Project

We've always said it, but this just proves that Stratuspherians are the most loyal and genuine fans in the world. When Trish shared a story with us about about a 'project' spearheaded by one of Trish's biggest fans, we just had to share it on

Taylor, or as she is known on the Twittersphere - @sostratusfying, rounded up fellow Stratuspherians last year to give thanks to Trish on her Hall of Fame induction & career. One year later, Trish shared this story about the 'H.O.F. Project', saying she hoped everyone knew how thankful she was. Well, we thought it would be fitting at this time of the year to give a shout out directly to all that contributed.

"This was one of the most special gifts I have ever received from my fans," said Trish. "The time taken by Taylor to coordinate, and to read each and every note – I can't begin to tell you how much it meant to me! I cherish every one of you and will forever be thankful for the support you have given me over the years. I was 'oh, so stratusfied' by the 'H.O.F Project'!

With over 50 submissions, coordinated by Bambi, Sam and Michael, Trish received a purple box (Trish's favorite color) filled with thoughts and love that were cut into pieces/strips like a scrapbook, without pages. Taylor, who runs Oh So Stratusfied, a fansite dedicated to the WWE legend and entrepreneur conceptualized the project and facilitated the finished project.

"Taylor is one of my biggest supporters. I hope she knows how much I appreciate her – as a fan, she is amazing, but I see the entrepreneur in her through this project and recently launching her own fansite." said Trish. "It's no secret that I am a fan of anyone who is driven and is fueled by passion and hard work – sounds familiar."

On behalf of Trish and, we thank everyone who contributed to this touching project and we salute you all for your dedication. It is for you that we strive to maintain this site and to keep you connected with the one and only, Trish Stratus.

Thank you:

Marissa - @xadoringajlee
Katiyln - @BeliEveStratus1
Travis - @xtexastease
Neil - XbigvelvetfanX
Kat - @WWEFanatic814
Bobby - @BobbyMitchelIDX
Jennica - DivasAreBeauty
Jessica - @jessdurham1
Stephanie - @FutureDivaWWE
Sabrina - @tOxiiic_AnGel
Tiffany - @rhOd3s_cOdy
Dakota - @XxRomanReignsXx
Carmaletta - @PrisonBreakAuds
Bilan - @xthankyoutrish
Esteban - @barbiebusted
Jon - @JustConspiracys
Jessie - @StratusfyCena/@Jessiecawk
Nissa - @RKOsCenationFan
Thor - @stratuspherian
Brianna - @chestslapping
Yen - @Gweniegrl
Toni - @enriquecenaa
Waldo - @Ky1e72828
Candice - @candieaddiction
Michael - @HellcatPerez
Sam - @samanthastratus
Roosa - @_CandyWrapper
Caleb - @melinahqorg/chaoticspearit
Cierra - @cierrasuxx
Ashley - @hbkrazy
Michelle - @thetarranths
Jen - @Hbklover123
Kelsey - @trishkick
Cora - @xGeekltUp
Cian - @StratustyAloud_
Sam - @xLitaFan4Everx
Sarah - @ajleefan4life
Stella - @xsmilesophia
George - @xGeorgeByNature
Patrick - @BeliEvePL
Matheus - @PinUpStrong
Maria - @xheelbeliever
Niah - @SiredToStratus
Taylor - @TayTheShield
Ashley - @PrettySlamma
Leah -

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