Trish's theme song makes top 10 in WWE music DVD

Jon Waldman     March 20, 2014

When WWE announced a DVD collection focusing on entrance music, we were curious where Trish's popular theme would land on the list. We can now confirm that she cracked the Top 10.

"Time to Rock & Roll", which was recorded by Lil' Kim, landed #10 on Signature Sounds: The Music of WWE, available in stores now. Trish's track was one of two for WWE Divas, the other being Sunny's "I Know You Want Me" theme.

"It's really cool to see that 'Time to Rock & Roll' still resonates to this day with the WWE Universe," Trish said. "The music fit so perfectly, whether I was going to the ring as a babyface or heel."

"Time to Rock & Roll" was Trish's third theme in WWE, following the music used during her time with T&A and a rock-laden, all-instrumental riff used when she first broke out as a singles competitor. She used the song right through the end of her active WWE career, and it is still used when she reappears from time to time on WWE TV.

The DVD also offers exclusive insight into the making of each track from long-time WWE composer, Jim Johnston.

Order your copy for only $5.99 at

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'Time to Rock & Roll' featured on new WWE CD

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