Fan Forum Five: Fitness edition

By Jon Waldman     March 14, 2014    

When we presented the #fitness edition of Fan Forum Five, we figured it would be an opportunity Stratuspherians wouldn't pass up – the opportunity to have the fitness icon herself answer your health and wellness questions.

However, we could have never anticipated the overwhelming response we got! We literally had thousands of questions for your fitness icon – we can only imagine it was quite the task for Trish to sift through to find those special 5 questions.

"There were so many great questions! I tried to pick a few that could apply to other peoples' questions," says Trish. "I'm thinking we'll need a volume 2 of the #fitness Fan Forum Five!"

Of note, lots of Stratuspherians want to know about nuTRISHion. There's no doubt that we'll need a #nuTRISHion edition in a future edition. But, for now, enjoy this edition of #ff5.

Q: Hi Trish! First I wanna say that you are awesome & you are a legend! But I have a question about cheat meals. Are there any limits? What are the dos and don't? What is the best day to have them? -Kyra Johnson (@heeeyimkyra)
A: Thank you Kyra, you're awesome too!

When I have a cheat meal, there are no limits – to that meal, that is. Let's be clear, it is not a cheat day!

You can 'cheat' on your regular healthy, nutritious way of eating with a meal of your choosing. Think of it as a chance to get that craving out of the way. But, I would caution to still keep portions in check.

As far as the best day – plan to have them when you are say going to a birthday party or going out for dinner. By affording yourself this cheat meal you won't feel like you are depriving yourself and also, it gives you something to look forward to.

On a day where I was having a cheat meal I would still start off my day with a workout and a healthy breakfast, go light on a lunch and then by dinner – have a meal that I have been craving.

The key is to get right back on the next day! Don't slip into the thought process where you say, 'what's one more day?' Trust me, you have to discipline yourself to satisfy your craving with the cheat meal and get back to the plan. Then you put in the work and you have that next cheat meal to look forward to!

Q: Which foods do you try to avoid? -Leah Marinan (@love_WWE7)
A: Fried food, processed food, dairy and most (white) grains. Although, I do include sprouted grains in my diet and I love oats and quinoa. I avoid these 'food groups', but that is not to say I have eliminated them. If a funnel cake landed on my plate, would I eat it? Yup! Will I eat the occasional bowl of ice cream? Heck yeah! Do I love a plate of pasta once in a while? Sure do! The key is moderation.

When I say i avoid them, I am referring to the fact that I don't include them in my typical day to day diet. I mean, i could go as far as saying I avoid all scrumptious snacks and tantalizing treats – I think that is a given that one who is embarking on a healthy way of eating eats these things only on occasion, but sometimes, these delectable delights just can't be avoided

Q: How long should you rest a certain body part before exercising it again? -Crystal (@CryssyJ824)
A: A good rule is 24-48 hours. It's important to listen to your body, if you are still feeling sore (DOMS - delayed onset muscle soreness), then you should wait longer or do gentle stretching to help facilitate recovery. It does you no good to push your body too far. Recovery is an important part of making progress and seeing results.

Q: Hi Trish! How do you keep yourself motivated? I love working out and eating right, but sometimes it can be really hard to do! I love food. -Shamane (@sha_lemar)
A: It is true, it is hard to stay motivated! Hey, if it was easy, we'd have more fit people walking around this earth then we do!

Listen, I love food too; you can't beat the feeling that you have when you are fit and you have been eating healthy. You look better physically, you feel better in your clothes, your skin is better, you sleep better – I could go on and on and list how great it feels when you are eating healthy and working out. That is the motivation for staying on track. It is even the motivation to get back on the wagon once you have fallen off. We all do it, whether its a vacation or all it takes is a couple of days out with friends – once you get off track, you start to feel it quickly and the only way to avoid that feeling is just to keep it balanced. You can still love food and enjoy it – just like I always say, in moderation. Allow yourself the cheat day once in a while.

And here's the great part about when you work out and eat healthy regularly – your metabolism is working more efficiently so a cheat day and the odd missed workout doesn't affect you as much.

Q: What is the one motivational quote that you've used or still use to this day to continue on your healthy living journey -Sofia Drosos (@sofdlovesbsb)
A: I heard a quote a long time ago that I jotted down in my training journal, it is below:

Take care of your body. It's the only place you have to live. ~Jim Rohn

I came across another quote during my yoga training that I jotted down in my life journal (for years, I have always kept a notebook going where I write things down, like notes about the day, thoughts, ideas, etc. Most of my WWE matches were first jotted down in my life journal!).

To keep the body in good health is a duty... otherwise we shall not be able to keep our mind strong and clear. ~Buddha


Q: My work schedule charges day to day, some days I go in at 5 am and the very next day it's 8 am. And I have to constantly weekly schedule; like working Mon-Fri and/or having the same days off each and every week. So my question is how would you make a routine and be able to stick to it and what are some easy breakfast options for someone that likes to sleep to the very last moment that she can in the morning? Thanks -Kristen Tuohey (@maclover83)

A: Say to yourself 'I will workout at least 3 times a week (if you do more, bonus) for 30 minutes a day'. And as your week goes, you have to make sure you get it in.

And, when I say workout, it doesnt't necessarily mean going to the gym for hours or doing a 90 minute yoga class. As long as you make sure you get 30 minutes a day of anything physical – it counts. Once you get your schedule you can then plan when you will plug in your workout time. As soon as you get into a routine you'll find that it is this regular activity that actually gives you more energy to manage your inconsistent schedule.

When I was with the WWE we had the most inconsistent routine, as you can imagine. We knew we were on the road Friday to Tuesday, but the fights, the driving and where the show was occurring was the variable. I managed that routine the most effectively was when i was practicing yoga regularly. No matter where I was I make sure I did at least a 30-minute yoga practice first thing in the morning or sometimes before I went to bed. Then if I did another workout, say in the ring or I did some walking – it was a bonus. And, if the schedule was too crazy and I didn't do anything else 'workout'-wise, then at least I had done 30 minutes that day.

Breakfast – I would recommend doing up a oatmeal in a crock pot. You can make up a huge batch and separate single servings in the fridge in Tupperware containers. Then, in the morning, you pop it in the microwave and add some healthy toppings (raisins, nuts, maple syrup, etc) and in 5 minutes you have a healthy breakfast that will fill you up. Also, making a shake is a quickie breakfast that allows you to grab that extra few minutes of shuteye! I have recipes for my crockpot oatmeal, and some of my favorite shakes here.

Look out for the next edition of Fan Forum Five with Stone Cold Steve Austin!

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