5 Olympic Games we would like to see Trish compete in

TrishStratus.com     February 5, 2014

Top athletes from across the globe are heading to Sochi for the 2014 Winter Olympic Games which start Thursday.

With all the accolades Trish has racked up for herself, we're pretty sure that if Trish was competing in the Olympics, she'd have another piece of hardware to add to her collection – Olympic gold!

Here are 5 events we think she could represent for her home country of Canada.


Trish has all the skills to make things happen on the ice whether it be scoring goals or setting up plays. She also has the ability to play defense – making her a great 2-way player such as NHL superstars Pavel Datsyuk, Henrik Zetterberg, Jonathan Toews, Marian Hossa and Patrice Bergeron. And, watch out – she wouldn't be afraid to throw a body check or drop the gloves either!


She'd be a great fit for luge because of all the upper body strength it requires and we all know Trish rocks the gunshow. It also requires great hand strength and with all the autograph signing for Stratusphere Shop, her love of gaming and the amount of FitGlove – wearing she does, she definitely has that covered. Her overall strength & agility would make this an event she would do well in.


Our yoga guru would have a huge advantage when it comes to the slopes due to her highly developed sense of balance. Her flexibility and ability to quickly adjust would go a long way in a challenging course. From some of her manoeuvres we've seen in the ring, her athleticism would no doubt play a factor in her pulling out a few stratusfying tricks. Also, we know she'd rock some cool gear too.


Skiing would be a natural fit for Trish as she was an avid skier in her younger years. To be conditioned for the slopes, power in the lower body, as well as core strength is required. With Trish's infamous '100 squats a day' routine, she would most certainly have the strength and conditioning needed for the demands of skiing. We can't help but wonder if she could pull off a "MaTrish" while going down a slope?

Ski jumping

This is a no brainer! After seeing Trish bungee jump on a motorcycle, hang glide in the Himalayans and zip line throughout the Balinese forests, Trish would be a natural for this. Not to mention her being a squat aficionado, those powerful thighs would certainly be a plus in this sport.

Trish tries aerial ski jumping

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