12/8 RAW Results

Brian Lusczki     December 8, 2003

What a start to RAW! It began with Christian & Chris Jericho coming to the ring with roses saying they heard rumors that Trish & Lita were mad at them. Trish & Lita then came to the ring both with looks of fury. Y2J asked Trish what this was all about and Trish showed him a Canadian coin and Jericho tried convincing Trish that it was a joke. He then tried offering his roses but Trish had enough as she slapped him across the face! From there, Trish & Lita both beat on Jericho & Christian. The Dudley Boyz then came to the ring for their tag team championship match as RAW went to a commerical.

When RAW came back, Trish & Lita stayed at ringside to look on the match. The closing moments came when both of the Dudleyz body slammed Jericho & Christian setting up a "wasssup" from both Trish & Lita. From that, the Dudleyz was able to deliver the 3D to retain the tag titles. Trish & Lita left with smiles on their faces.

We then saw Jericho & Christian demand Eric Bischoff to do something about this and Bischoff ended up makin a 'battle of the sexes match' between Trish & Lita and Y2J & Christian at Armageddon. However, Y2J didn't seem to be pleased with the match.

Later in the night, Trish & Lita teamed up to take on Molly & Victoria. Both Y2J & Christian stood on the ramp as they watched on the match. The closing moments came when Trish was finally able to make the tag to Lita. Lita's momentum died when Matt Hardy distracted her causing Molly to get the win.

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