1/26 RAW Results: Just friends

Brian Lusczki     January 26, 2004

This week, RAW started off with Chris Jericho coming to the ring wanting to cash in his Survivor Series favor on a match against Triple H for the World title until he was interrupted by Eric Bischoff who was not in a good mood from last night. He told Jericho he would get the match but he had another match in mind for tonight. That matched turned out to be Trish against Kane! This of course this didn't sit well with Y2J. Bischoff noticed Jericho's reaction and assumed he still had feelings for her, and called off the match for his favor.

Minutes later, Trish was shown in Chris' locker room thanking him for saving her from facing Kane. He told her that was the least he can do with all they been through. Trish told Jericho she was really glad that they both understand how they felt about each other. She went on to say that they both could have a good relationship. Jericho agreed and said that's how he felt the whole time. Only to find out, Trish was referring to only being close friends.

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