2/16 RAW Results

Brian Lusczki     February 17, 2004

This week on RAW, Chris Jericho was scheduled to take on Kane. Prior to his match, he told Christian that he planned on telling Trish that he wanted to be more than friends after he was through with Kane. He went on to show him a flower he bought Trish for Valetine's day and asked him to hold it while he wrestled his match. However, Jericho would soon come to find out he wouldn't be doing anything, instead he would be laying up in a hospital bed after being destroyed by Kane.

Later in the night, Trish & Victoria teamed up, and defeated Molly Holly & Jazz with the use of Victoria's 'Widow Peak.' After the match, Victoria & Steven Richards were attacked by Test. Trish would then show her spit-fire attitude by jumping on Test's back. However, she was over-powered as Test slammed her to the mat. From there, Christian would run down and save Trish before Test could do anymore damage.

After the commerical break, we seen Trish catch up with Christian in the back, thanking him for saving her, telling him she was on her way to see Chris in the hospital. Christian then said he was heading to see him too and offered her a ride. Trish accepted. Christian asked her to hold on while he had to get something. Come to find out, that something was Chris Jericho's flower. As they left together, Christian wrapped his arm around Trish. How will Chris react hearing that his best friend has been hittin' on his girl for the past 2 weeks?

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