WWE.com: Divas celebrate Trish Stratus' WWE Hall of Fame induction announcement

Press     February 1, 2013

Art: WWE.com
By Jake Grate

One of the most successful Divas in WWE history and one of the most beautiful women ever to grace the squared circle, Trish Stratus can now add 2013 WWE Hall of Fame inductee to her list of accolades! The trailblazing seven-time Women's Champion and icon of The Attitude Era who helped define what it is to be a WWE Diva will enter the illustrious Hall of Fame alongside legends like Mick Foley and Bob Backlund.

Ecstatic about the news of Stratus' historic induction, several of today's beauties shared their thoughts on Trish and the upcoming Hall of Fame ceremony.

"Trish was a pioneer for the Divas," declared Natalya, a third-generation Superstar. "There were women that came before, but she broke all the barriers and all the stereotypes." "The Queen of Harts" isn't alone in her thoughts on Trish.

"To anyone in WWE, she's an inspiration," AJ Lee observed. "She has helped us break a lot of glass ceilings."

Divas Champion Kaitlyn brimmed with excitement over Stratus' impending induction. "It's so cool to see," Kaitlyn said. "She made such a huge impact and she is so iconic. Everyone aspires to have just a little bit of what Trish had."

Multiple Divas, including Aksana, mentioned that Trish blazed the trail and is a role model to those who follow in her path. "I'm really excited for her. I want to say congratulations to her. She's my idol," the Lithuanian beauty gushed.

AJ also pointed out that Trish is the first female from The Attitude Era to be enshrined. "It's really cool to have someone from our generation — that's actually classified as a ‘Diva' — to be in the Hall of Fame," AJ said.

Trish redefining what being a WWE Diva means and gaining a spot in the Hall of Fame didn't come simply from drop dead gorgeous looks or natural talent, but hard work. According to Lilian Garcia, "She totally deserves this. She worked incredibly hard and made such an impact." Natalya also spoke of Stratus' passion and desire, "She had a work ethic like no other. She worked her tail off. She can do anything."

Natalya summarized Trish Stratus' meaningful impact and what the Hall of Fame induction means: "Certainly, I've been extremely inspired by my family, but when I decided I wanted to be a lady wrestler, it wasn't because of my family. It was because of Trish. … She is one of the reasons I'm doing what I'm doing today and I couldn't be happier for her."


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