4/19 RAW Results: Problem Solver

Brian Lusczki     April 19, 2004

Just 24 hrs after Backlash, Jericho took on Christian this week looking to carrying over his victory from last night. However a 3rd man would leave his mark before that happened...

During the match, Trish took every opportunity she had to cheap shot Jericho. At one point, it would back-fire as she found herself once again being spanked by Y2J before being pulled to the outside by Christian. From there, they we're both taken out by Jericho.

The closing moments came when Trish got on the ring apron looking to slap Jericho but caught Christian instead. As Y2J went for the pin, Trish distracted the ref from counting. Jericho then took matters into his own hands by tossing Trish into the ring.

As Jericho went for the 'Walls of Jericho' a huge guy delivered a vicious kick to Jericho's face costing him the match. We then found out that that this guy was Trish's new 'problem solver' courtesy of Christian. Trish seemed thrilled and thanked Christian.

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