5/31 RAW Results: More Damage Inflicted

Brian Lusczki     May 31, 2004

This week on RAW, Trish & The Problem Solver took over Jericho's 'Highlight Reel.' Trish began insulting the Montreal crowd for being French. She then showed footage of what she thought was the greatest highlight on RAW of Jericho being powerbombed through the table last week on what she likes to call the 'Stratustron 5000.' She even made a joke out of by saying "Hello? 911? Yes, I would like to report a robbery. It seems Trish & Tomko just stole the show!"

From there, she sent out a message to everyone by telling them not to be a problem. As she went to show the footage again from last week, Jericho interrupted going after Tomko. Trish then intervened - once again finding herself in the 'Walls of Jericho' before Tomko landed a kick in Jericho's face. Tomko proceeded to cause more damage to the already injuried Jericho by press-slamming him on a chair.

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