9/6 RAW Results

Brian Lusczki     September 12, 2004

Instead of making friends, Trish continues to make enemies. This week was no different. She continued to provoke Lita with more remarks about her pregnancy. However, Lita had some words for Trish; threating she would get herself some soon. We then saw Trish rub Nidia the wrong way with Nidia tossing her drink onto Trish.

Up next, Nidia took on an enraged women's champion. Nidia seem to have things going her way until her top came undone -- allowing Trish to deliver a chick-kick out of nowhere picking up the victory.

In the mist of all this, Trish still has Victoria to worry about this Sunday at Unforgiven. Will this affect Trish's title defense or will Trish prove why they don't call her a 5-time women's champion for nothin?

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