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5/26 RAW Results

Judgment Day Results

5/12 RAW Results: Impressive Performance

Miami Herald: Stratusfaction guaranteed in WWE

The Halifax Herald Limited: WWE provides Stratusfaction

Three years of Stratusfaction! Wrestling's top diva

Where's my Stratusfaction?

Trish crowned 'Diva of the Decade'

Trish talks about being voted 2002 Babe of the Year

Toronto Sun: Stratus the ultimate WWF Diva

Trish and her friends get ready to rock Toronto She's back! Stratusfaction Guaranteed!

Trish to co-host the finals for WWF Tough Enough

Excess Trish

Trish shoots commercial only days after surgery

Trish has surgery to repair injured ankle

Fleer brings Stratusfaction to NSCC attendees

Slam: Trish's theory of (character) evolution

Trish in UMM Magazine

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