Trish the Bounty Hunter

By Brian Lusczki     March 1, 2012    

Trish faces off against her film nemesis Andrea James Lui
Photo: Bob Mulrenin/

Trish dazzled at the Toronto premiere of her new action movie, Bounty Hunters at AMC Theatres in Dundas Square.

Photo: Tony Felgueiras
Looking more like a Barbie doll than the brawler her character Jules Taylor portrays, Trish wore black and a punch of color with fuchsia stilettos. After hitting the red carpet with the cast and her beautiful Team of 'Stratuspherians', the star was introduced and said a few words before Bounty Hunters played for the full house.

Following the film, the entire cast including the director took questions from the crowd, which included the Toronto Argonauts and former president of WWE Canada Carl DeMarco The FAN 590's Jeff Sammut lead the session that covered everything from details about the film to what Trish's plans are for this year's WrestleMania.

An autograph session followed with Trish who was joined by her nemesis from the film, Andrea James Lui. The ladies appear in several fight scenes which are the heart of this independent Canadian film. The crowd went wild with every move Stratus and Lui made, their onscreen chemistry heightened every one of their scenes right until the final showdown which left the crowd 'stratusfied'.

Photos of Trish Stratus at the Toronto premiere of Bounty Hunters
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