Talkin' Tough Enough - Week 8

By Dan Calvarese     May 24, 2011    

Trainer Trish stands outside as a grey van pulls up. Out comes the always happy Christina, and she reveals that she only sprained her ankle! That was a close one! Trish aids her in limping upstairs and making sure everyone gets settled. AJ apologizes profusely to Christina, feeling he was the reason for her getting injured. Christina, like a true professional, says she puts no blame on him for the injury and feel that they were just too close when the move was executed. I don't know about you, but I was worried that after last week, we were going to be Diva-less for the rest of the season! I'm rooting for you, Christina!

The boys are training while Christina sits on the sidelines with her foot in a bucket. I'm assuming said bucket had ice in it. Ah, the easy, while I'm sure frustrating, life of not being able to go through a Bill DeMott training session! Stone Cold enters and talks to the students about charisma. Nevermind, looks like you're not being let off that easy Christina! The four contestants able to perform break off in pairs. AJ and Luke go first, and while doing so, also did a first-ever double drop toe hold. Trish and Stone Cold smile and laugh, giving "WTF?" facial expressions. Bill screams about someone pissing in his cereal to AJ. Things still aren't looking good for good ol' AJ. Jeremiah continues to fail to impress just like last week, and is still deemed dangerous to be with in the ring. Luke and Andy connect and pull off the routine, resulting in a group hug between them, Trish, and Bill! The trainers, visibly happy with today's performances, tell them to get lost along with that little gimper Christina.

The contestants stand on the great streets of Hollywood, California when Bill pulls up on a tour bus with the star of USA's Psych, James Roday. The first bit of advice (if you wanna call it that) James has to give to to the students is asking Bill if he can touch one of his pecs. Odd. Anyways, he then tells them exactly what they will be doing for their challenge, and that is to give a ten minute tour of Hollywood and showing what charisma they have. AJ talks about brass and bronze and Luke tells people to scream "Hey-OOO!" whenever he busts Bill's chops. I was just as bored with these two as were the people on the bus. Bubbly Christina tells everyone about that they're driving past buildings, a McDonald's, and Hollywood stars. To quote The Miz, "Really?!?....Really?!?!....Really?!?!" You can't get any more specific than telling people they're driving past buildings...Unless they're all blind, of course. Andy shows he's uncomfortable with speaking in front of people. I came to that conclusion because he basically had his back turned to the tourists while he spoke. Jeremiah busted out some jokes and engaged the crowd into the tour. Finally! James Roday commended Jeremiah for his performance and told him his was the most memorable out of everyone. Bill told them hit the road and go home.

Doing daily warm-ups, Stone Cold comes out and brings along his good friend, The Rock. Needless to say, jaws dropped. Rocky tells them he's gonna mess around with them in the ring for bit and see what they got. After the Rock was done laying the smackdown on the guys, a bummed out Christina expresses her concern that she's not able to perform with him. Stone Cold tells them that their Skills Challenge is to cut a two minute promo on Bill. And better yet for the contestants, Rocky agreed to stick around for it. The pressure's definitely on now! Jeremiah goes first and while he sounded like he was reciting a poem, he also showed he was comfortable while reciting this poem. The ever-so-perfect Luke is next and he showed hesitation a bit in the beginning, but quickly gathered his thoughts and picked up the pieces. Christina showed slight weakness due to her delivery of her promo, but than again, how can anyone take her sweet voice as a threat? Andy's promo didn't stand out to the judges, to their surprise. Last, AJ shows a lot of personality and proved to be the best of the bunch in the Skills Challenge. Looks like AJ could save his ass after all! Rocky cuts a promo on the students, revealing the winner in the process. Interesting way to reveal the winner...By insulting them! Back to usual fashion, it's time to pick the bottom three!

Trish says how she was over AJ completely, but now she wants him to stay because of his solid promo. Despite the promo, Stone Cold said he's still on his sh*t list. Onto Christina, Trish says how she's still the sweet timid girl she's been from the beginning of the contest. Bill talks about how she did horrible on the tour bus challenge and he was actually embarrassed for her. Stone Cold thinks that Luke has a lot of potential and that Jeremiah's an accident waiting to happen in the ring due to his lack of experience. Finally, Bill says that Andy didn't step up to the plate on the tour bus challenge. Trish says that if his motivation for winning this contest is his wife and children, and he can't step up to the plate, than he's clearly not that motivated. Christina, AJ, and Andy are in the bottom three up for elimination. While Luke and Jeremiah do some stupid bromance handshake dance thing due to their happiness of making it to the finals, "Silent Rage" Andy becomes "Pissed Off, Profanity Rage" Andy. He says it's bullsh*t that he and Christina are in the bottom three because he feels they're the only two left in the competition that can be big in the WWE. Andy says he's going to let Stone Cold how he really feels at elimination. Eh, I don't know if that's a good idea Andy!

Elimination begins and Stone Cold asks Andy about himself. He says he's been raised to give it his all and that he's given Stone Cold everything he's made of in the contest. Stone Cold is surprisingly speechless and Andy is quick on his feet with responses to Stone Cold! Visibly emotional during the ceremony, Andy doesn't back down! Stone Cold moves onto Christina and kneels down, looking at her sprained ankle. He asked how her ankle is doing and she said it hurt but pain is only temporary. He talks of her stepping her game up until the ankle injury occurred. He wants to know why her promo was the worst out of the bunch. She said she doesn't know and he says he doesn't think she wants this bad enough. AJ says he believes in everything he does in the ring and feels the fans will too. Stone Cold asks if he wants it more than Andy and he says yes. Andy shoots back and says that he doesn't believe a damn thing AJ says and he's in the ring with him. Oh snap! Stone Cold asks Silent Rage why he's all mad to which Andy says, "It ain't getting very silent now, is it?" He must want a death sentence (or elimination) talking to Stone Cold like that! He tells Andy to mind his own business and keep his mouth shut. Back to AJ, Stone Cold tells him that he cut the best promo but he doesn't know if one good day is going to save him. He asks Andy why Christina should be eliminated and Andy says he has the wrong people in the bottom three. He feels that Christina will be a successful WWE Diva one day, while he'll be a successful WWE Superstar one day. Stone Cold said he's one of the biggest, dumbest sum bitches he's ever met and he needs to step his game up and stop trying to be Mr. Politics. He asks again why he should send Christina home before Andy. Andy says she isn't as talented as him and he'll be more successful. Stone Cold tells them he has good news and bad news - two contestants are going home tonight but whoever makes it out of this elimination is in the final three! Stone Cold takes Christina's belt first and she said she thinks it's a mistake. He asks Andy if he's shown the best he has got so far. The Silent Rage persona was thrown out the window as Andy screamed, "No sir, I haven't!!!!" Stone Cold tells AJ he's going home and he exits the ring. Christina and Andy, both crying, hug each other and Christina tells him he better win. Andy says Jeremiah and Luke don't stand a chance against him in the finals.

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